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SWBEC Student researcher Wins ISWA Video Award

"Thinking About Waste" by Nathan Guymon.

The theme of the video contest was ‘No time to Waste’ which is also the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) theme for their international conference this September. The invitation was to explore the theme in an original, witty way. The method in which to present the video was left entirely up to each entrant. SWBEC student Nathan Guymon choose to use animation as his medium to create a simple yet powerful way to convey information. For the video Nathan states "I wanted to give a visual sense of the scale of the amounts of waste being generated around the world. The idea I had behind my video was to help inspire a sense of urgency to act and deal with waste by giving an idea of the kind of problem it is to modern society. Waste is a resource like any other and can be used if we focus on researching better ways to deal with it."

The jury at ISWA decided from 34 videos that were put forward from 15 different countries in order to pick the winners. They found it difficult to determine an overall winner from those put forward. I took second place for my video entitled "Thinking About Waste."

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