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Students are the Engine of SWBEC

SWBEC's team of Biological Engineering students meet to discuss the projects that they will be working on during 2017

More than 10 projects for 2017 include 20 students total with 6 graduate students and 14 undergraduate students. Graduate students include 2 PhD and 4 MS students. Undergraduate students include freshmen through senior students. These students are working on projects that include producing animal protein feed from algae biomass cultivated on dairy wastewater, producing bio-oil using hydrothermal liquefaction of algae cultivated on produced water from the oil and gas extraction industry, generating bioenergy through anaerobic digestion of swine, petroleum, and municipal wastewater augmented with microalgae, treating algae the cause harmful algal blooms using anaerobic digestion to generate bioenergy, and cultivating microalgae on petroleum wastewater. Organizations supporting the research include WesTech Engineering, the State of Utah Science Technology and Research Program, Logan City Environmental Department, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the Uintah Basin Oil & Gas industry, and the State of Utah Water Research Laboratory.